Thursday, February 15, 2007

Camera Pouch

Again I found a nice idea in : As we just got a new camera I am going to make a cute pouch for it. (Not like those just uni colored black ones...)

I started by measuring (kind of giftwrapping ...) it in fabric to get the dimensions. Mine were side1 8", side2 8", side3 4.5" and side4 3". If you start off with a 8x8" square fold it into half and cut in and decide on the flap length and cut in ---and off goes that square that you don't need for it.

The first one I made now didn't come out right. A) It was too small for the camera in the end, B) the lining fabric was too thick to go well with the outside one.

I think you have to make the ouside pouch slightly bigger so the inside one fits nicely inside. Maybe then you can go with a thicker fabric.