Sunday, January 28, 2007

My Big Bean Bag - Puffi

I made this nice and big puffi over the last week. It measures: circumfence - 3.4m, height - 1.1m. It is filled with about 3.5kg of polyester pearls. It is constructed from 4 main panels that each measure 85cmX110cm and a circular bottom part with a radius of 54.1cm. You can very easily vary the dimensions by just following a math formula: r=c/2*pi. Just imagine how big in circumfence you would like your puffi and fill in the formula. For each of the 4 panels you devide the circumfence into 4.

For this and the last Bean Bag I made also an inside bag that holds the polyester pearls. So it's easier to change the outside and put it into the laundry. This one took about 3 - 4 m of fabric. I specially went to get some stronger (like upholstry fabric) cotton fabric.

All together it's quite comfortable. What could be the next Bean Bag project: A armrest/nursing pillow, that can be used seperatly or on this Bean Bag.

you can see nicely the 4 panels coming together and forming the top

Here you see the opening/closing of the bag (on one of the main panels). First I put in long velcro straps and then finished it off with straps you can tie together. (Otherwise the Bag opens when you sit on it and put pressure on it) I guess the best solution is a zipper.

This one was my first attempt on Bean Bags. It is a small/medium - right size for a toddler like my baby Daniel. The fabric is purple double coated soft fleece. It took about 2m of fabric. The measurements were: c=2.4m, h=75cm, r=36cm. It took about 1.5kg of polyester pearls to fill. Anyway after some time when the pearls compress you have to refill your bag a bit. Here the opening/closing is on the bottom - again with velcro.

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