Sunday, September 30, 2007

Finally blogging again ...

After like ages I'll start posting again. In the last weeks I've finished some nice sewing projects I would like to share. I just have to get my camera and take pictures of everything.

I made 2 little baggies ( like for cosmetics or cellphones)
1 small messenger bag in cow print for Daniel
2 duffel bags (one bigger, one smaller one) - I'll try to post a tutorial for that
1 little softy animal - an exaggerated version on a bunny probably from Japanese craft book
my newest project that I just finished yesterday night: a short nice fitting pleated skirt in 2 colors - also for this one I am going to post a tutorial. This one not only came out super cute but was not that difficult to sew. I just took time to plan and understand everything. But the second one I probably could sew in a few hours.