Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Giant Sumo Beanbag

Yesterday I finished the Birthday present for my Dovi. I decided to make him a giant pillow beanbag. The idea I got from one of the web pages that sell them. It is basically a pillow shaped beanbag. But you can form various sitting arrangements with it. They called it the 10 in 1. You not only can lie on it but shake it up and arrange a different position and sit and lounge on it. It is really great. For the fabric I chose a brown cow print. Something I guessed Dovi would like.


If you are afraid it might take to much space, just shake it and stand it up in a corner.


The measurements are: 5.4' x 5.5' which is 150 x 165 cm. (Plus add seam allowance)

To make it is really simple:

I bought about 4m of fabric. It has to be as wide or wider than the shortest side. Then you just measure 150 x (2 x 165) 330.
Now you only have one piece and need to sew right sides together two sides. Then turn it inside out and attach the zipper to it. Finish off the last side with the zipper in.

one of the sitting positions that support the back and neck really well

I have several tips for you:
* Try to sew all sides with double stitching. (You can use a twin needle for it)
* I also made an inside bag with about the same dimensions or larger. Then you easily can change the cover and put it in the laundry. And in case a seam rips you the polyester beans don't spill on the floor.
* Try to get a very strong quite long zipper. Mine was 1m in length.

In one of the shops we have here in the area I have seen that they use some kind of stretchy cotton fabric. (Moms probably know this one from the "natural" baby carriers that is made out of only one piece of long stretchy fabric...)
Next time I get to Tel Aviv I have a look if I find something similar.

Also I saw a banana like design on the Internet. Maybe I'll try that soon too.


Will Burns said...

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